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HSNU Wish List

Not only does HSNU have a need for monetary donations, we also have a need for supplies, non clumping clay cat litter and equipment to name a few. When HSNU doesn't have to purchase these items, more of the very limited funds are available for emergency medical care, expansion/update of the sanctuary and other important items. Check out our wish list and see if there's anything we need that you'd be willing to donate. We will be happy to pick up any of these donations from you.  We also have a wish list on  Just click on the link below if you would like to donate that way.  Thank you for all your help!

Wish List

Wet Food For Cats and Kittens- Our senior kitties and several others that have dental issues need wet food to keep them healthy. We are always in need of canned food. The pate' style is what they like best.  Our kittens who are just being weaned need kitten formula wet food.

Dry Food For Cats and Kittens - Most of our kitties eat dry food.  


Kitten Milk Replacement Formula - This is for our orphan kittens who are being bottle fed by our wonderful fosters.

Non Clumping Clay Litter - For? Well you know.

Cleaning Supplies - Kitties can be messy!

We are always in need of paper towels, latex gloves, dust masks, laundry soap and other general cleaning supplies to keep our cat's living areas nice and clean.

Pet Beds - Our pets can always use a new bed to sleep on!

Medium Crates (wire) - For Adoption events.

Small Carriers - The more carriers we have the more kitties we can take to the events.


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If there's anything on our list that you'd like to donate or even items that are not on our list send us a message!

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