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Sage the Cat

In early March 2017 in Clearfield, Utah, Sage the Cat was let outside for some sunshine and fresh air. When he crawled back to his family a few days later he was broken and burned, the victim of horrific animal abuse and torture. He was rushed to a critical care vet, but could not survive his injuries. The people involved in his medical care stated it was one of the the worse cases of animal abuse they had ever seen.

Though many people feel the reward is "excessive" for an animal abuse case, there is a proven link between abusing

an animal and domestic abuse, or worse. The individual(s) involved are in need of counseling, before the problem increases, potentially involving people.

We are no longer taking donations for the reward, but if you would like to donate to the Sage's Friends Memorial Fund, or make a general donation to HSNU, please do so on the link on this page. Comment on how you would like the donation distributed.

Thank you for caring, and taking a stand against cruelty to animals. News articles about Sage: KSL  Fox13  fox13

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About the Donations

There continues to be questions about the reward money donated in Sage's name and how it should be used. The vast majority of the reward donations are being held in a fund by the Humane Society of Utah. We, The Humane Society of Northern Utah, have also received some donations towards the reward. All of those funds are being held in an account and will be distributed when the person responsible for the horrible cruelty inflicted upon Sage is convicted.


We have NO control of how that money is used. It has been specified as reward money for information leading to the conviction of the person responsible for killing Sage. Unfortunately, legally, we cannot arbitrarily decide to use it for any other means, regardless of how much we feel it might help. The investigation is being handled by the Clearfield Police Department and Davis County Animal Control. We do not have an investigator, nor any say in how the investigation is handled. The Humane Society of Northern Utah is as committed as all of you in getting justice for Sage and will continue to help in the matter however we can.

In addition, we have received donations to help other animals that have been victims of cruelty and/or abuse. We have spoken with Sage's family and followed their wishes in creating the Sage's Friends Memorial Fund. There have already been several families who received help from this fund and we are working on an update to our page so you will be able to see how your generous donations have worked wonders for these families. We will continue to use your donations to help those animals in need in our service area, which includes Davis County north.
Again, The Humane Society of Northern Utah is committed to finding and bringing to justice anyone who is cruel and/or abusive to animals.

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