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These three pup brothers all needed hernias repaired. With your donations, we were able to repair their hernias and the litter of six were all adopted out! 

Both of these cats, Tristan and Edward, survived  serious infections thanks to timely antibiotics. 

They both are happy and healthy at their forever homes thanks to medical attention made possibly by donations like yours!

Zoe is about 7 months old and had her leg broken 3 times by a toddler before being surrendered to us. She has undergone surgery, but there is still a chance she may lose the leg. Your current donations will make a difference to Zoe! Follow us on facebook for updates on her condition. 

Chiquita had a hernia on his intestine wall that required intense surgery and recovery. He is doing very well now, thanks to donations and love!

These three were rescued from a shelter down south where they were sentenced to death for being extremely ill. After being properly diagnosed by medical staff in partnership with HSNU, two were treated for a UTI and one for pneumonia. All are recovered and waiting for their forever home! Check out our adoption page for more information!

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