Trooper Tucker
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Trooper Tucker



Meet our Amazing Trooper Tucker. He is a beautiful Siamese mix special needs kitten who is all love and cuddles. Tucker came from a hoarding situation and was born to a very young mom who didn't know what to do so we took him in at 2 days old and bottle fed him. He has several congenital birth defects that don't slow him down. Trooper Tucker has a deformity to one of his hip joints and so he walks with a mild limp. He has mild CH (Cerebellar Hypoplasia) or an underdeveloped cerebellum (the cerebellum is responsible for fine motor skills). This condition causes him to be a little wobbly and lose his balance at times, especially when climbing, looking up, or trying to jump. Because of this Tucker doesn't navigate stairs well and likes to have all 4 paws firmly on the ground. He will do best with a litterbox that has low sides, is on the main level of your home and is easy to get to. Sweet Tucker also has a pretty severe underbite and so he needs a diet of wet or softened food. We are monitoring his bite and will have him reevaluated at the vet after his adult teeth come in as some of them may require removal to prevent sores in his mouth. This follow up and treatment will be covered by us at our vet when the time comes. This kitten has so much love to share and is so sweet and cuddly. Trooper Tucker wants to be anywhere you are and will be a fantastic companion that won't let his birth defects stop him from living his best life. He gets along great with the other cats and the children in his foster home, but he hasn't been around dogs. If he is your guy and you want to meet him, reach out and we will give you all the tips and tricks to making him a great addition to your family.

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