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Spaghetti Chip
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Spaghetti Chip


This little miss was quite the interesting case and a pleasant surprise! She was dropped off at my vet clinic as an abandoned baby who was just recently spayed. While her full origin is unknown what we have learned is that this girl is so full of personality that it can make any person smile. First of all, girl thinks she's in Tokyo drift any time a door opens or even a cabinet door. We still don't know why but she just has to be fast. (Still working on the stop part though). She's also not shy when she wants attention. She'll reach out and grab you to let you know. When not in full crack mode, she loves to be on our laps or next to us while doing homework or relaxing. Sketti (her nickname) is also druuh-matic. If ignored, she will boob hard core and if she doesn't like a cat or if they even look at her funny she'll scream like she's a victim when in reality, the other cats are just laying there. She's a sassy bean with other felines so she's going to need time to adjust to other cats but once boundaries are established she does fine.

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