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Chihiro and Ponyo With Their Mother Zaniba
Zaniba And Her Grown Kittens Chihiro and Ponyo
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Zaniba is a beautiful Siamese mix kitty who is very nice, sweet, docile and extremely friendly.  She is cuddly and loving and enjoys hanging out with her family.  Zania was surrendered along with her grown kittens Ponyo and Chihiro due to a child in their previous home being severely allergic. She is very kid friendly and is used to being picked up and held.  She is a very calm kitty who has not been around other cats and dogs very much at all, but when she was, she was cautious and a little scared.   Zaniba would probably do fine if adopted without her grown kittens, but if you wanted to adopt all three cats together, the total adoption fee is only $150!

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