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Beautiful Princess is incredibly sweet, but due to her coming from an extremely neglectful and abusive home, she is nervous and time will be her biggest confidence builder. She has improved immensely with her foster family. Princess doesn't know her size, so if her new family has kids or dogs, they will need to be bigger ones. She's nervous about cats but not aggressive. Princess is an Anatolian Shepherd.

FROM PRINCESS'S FOSTER MOM: Princess is our foster. She loves my kids (4 and 9), and does well with not jumping on them, the first night we brought her home she only stood up for them. Princess knows how to sit and shake and will shake if you pet her in just the right spot as a thank you. She went from crawling on the floor to running around the house like our other two dogs. Princess is clumsy and full of energy, but she's perfectly content to just lay with you or near you. She recently figured out how toys work and likes to throw rope toys for herself. Princess does well in the car, once you get her in. She does not like bath time because she's probably never had one in her entire life except the one we gave her the night we got her .
This pretty girl constantly walks next to me with a smile on her face. You call her name? Smiles. You give her a treat? Smiles. Princess may be nervous, and take time to open up, but she has a big heart and wants so badly to put her past behind her and find someone to love her forever. New family members must love kisses!

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