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When we found Sawyer outside, he had just crawled out from underneath a house with frozen ice balls in his fur and a ripped off toenail. This boy came right up to us and rubbed up against our legs which we took as our cue to help the cutie! After a few months of trying to find a possible family who may have lost him, we came to accept that Sawyer may have just been left behind. (It's their loss though!) This guy is such a hoot and a genuine cuddle bug. He likes to bat at you when you try to leave him without giving him lovin's and will perch his front paws on your shoulder if you're standing near him and he wants attention. He's also a very vocal boy and will have conversations with you or himself, depends on his mood. I do have to say right now though, Sawyer needs an experienced cat owner and should not be with elderly people or any children. This is because once Sawyer trusts you and sees you as his family, it means you're a cat too. So, when the zoomies come on and he wants to play (or when he gets into a sassy toddler temper tantrum) he isn't afraid to use claws and teeth with you. For some people, this clearly doesn't work out, but for others, like myself who are okay with putting on a thick hoodie and playing with a cat on their level, this could be really fun. If one of his moods gets out of hand and he starts to get sassier than he should be, you can promptly put him in a room by himself for 5-10 minutes (we call it time out) and then he'll calm down. Sawyer speaks his own love language with cats and it takes a special kind of cat to handle Sawyer. He loves to play, chase, and pounce on them and if cats run in fear of him he thinks "oh they like me!" and he doesn't understand he should stop. If you do have felines in your home, Sawyer is going to test his boundaries and it may just be that your babies may not be able to handle that (so definitely no pansy cats). If that's the case, just remember we will take Sawyer back home with us if you feel it's not working out. For dogs, Sawyer is just confused. He can't figure out if he should try to play with or ignore them but so long as the dog is good with cats then there should be no problem. If you have any questions regarding the cute chaos fluff feel free to reach out at any time!

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