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We rescued gorgeous Maine Coon mix kitty Kiarra from the shelter where she was taken by her previous family for supposedly not using the litterbox.  She used the litterbox fine at the shelter and also since she has been at our sanctuary.  In many situations cats will pee on things when something in their environment is stressing them out or making them unhappy, so maybe this was the case.  Kiarra previously lived in a home with children and another cat.  We are suspecting that maybe Kiarra needs a home without other cats and a home that is very laid back and relaxed where she won't feel stressed. (No hyper children or animals)  Since she is declawed, Kiarra is an INDOOR ONLY cat because she can not defend herself against predators.  Kiarra is a BIG girl, and will need a big litter box, and someone with equally as big of a heart to welcome her into their life and home forever!  She is absolutely gorgeous and super sweet too!

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