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Tucker is the sweetest boy who just wants to snuggle with his human and play tug-of-war.  He loves to play with his dog brothers/sisters and chase balls, but hasn’t quite figured out he needs to bring them back to play fetch.  Tucker loves de-stuffing toys as well.  He would probably do fine with cats after a proper, slow introduction.  Tucker is a shy boy and scared of so many things.  He will need an adopter who will give him time to trust and become comfortable in his new space, with different sights, sounds and smells.  Tucker is particularly scared of men and young children, although he has come around pretty quickly with those he has been in contact with.  He will need a home with older, respectful, dog savvy kids. Tucker has done well with potty training and he uses his dog door faithfully.  He is crate trained, but would rather sleep with his people and is still working on leash manners.  Tucker is scared of chain leashes and collars.  When Tucker is tired, he doesn’t like to be moved and will growl and give a warning snarl letting you know that he doesn’t want to be moved.  Waking him up softly is a must.  His adopter will have to continue to work on this with him.  
Tucker really is the sweetest, most mellow, non-destructive puppy we’ve ever met.  His adorable underbite and lovable temperament will win you over in no time.  It will take you some time to win him over.  It will definitely take him some time to feel safe and confident, but once he trusts you, he will be right by your side (or on your lap, if you let him).

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